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  • DTX Fitness Thick 15mm NBR Foam Fitness Mat

    15mm Thick Fitness Mat, Ideal For Yoga, Pilates & Gym Classes - Choice of Colours Learn More

  • DTX Fitness Folding Pole Dance Mat - Choice of Size

    Our Folding Pole Dance Mats give you peace of mind while mastering the art of pole dancing. Available in a range of sizes, the thick foam padding softens falls and protects against knocks. Folds up for easy storage and transportation. Learn More
    Price From: £39.95

  • DTX Fitness 8ft Folding Exercise Mat

    Our 8ft Folding Exercise Mats have been specially designed to cushion your joints and support your back as you work out. Available in a range of colours, the mats fold away just as easily as they fold out which is ideal for safe and easy storage. Learn More

  • DTX Fitness 6mm EVA Foam Exercise Mat

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    Our 6mm EVA Foam Exercise Mats are a fitness essential. They cushion your joints as you train and provide a clear, non-slip base for strength and resistance work. Ideal for Yoga or Pilates, the handy straps allow for easy storage and transportation. Learn More

  • DTX Fitness 6ft Folding Exercise Mat

    Ideal for gymnastics, our 6ft Folding Exercise Mats have 4cm of padding for maximum support. Cushion your spine and prevent injury from hard floors. The three section mats fold up easily and the carry handles make for easy transportation. Learn More

  • DTX Fitness 8ft Folding Exercise Mat - Purple

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    These folding exercise mats are comfortable, supportive and can be taken with you almost anywhere! Tear resistant so they can handle the most intense workouts. With 55mm of thick padded foam, they're ideal for gymnastics, Yoga and Pilates. Learn More

  • DTX Fitness Core Exercise Pad

    Provides Comfort & Support During Ab Workouts Learn More

  • DTX Fitness Heavy Duty Leg Stretcher

    Get great leg flexibility quickly and easily with these Heavy Duty Leg Stretchers. Ideal for martial artists and gymnasts, they hold your feet in place while pushing them back to give you a great hip and inner thigh stretch. Learn More

  • DTX Fitness Under Door Sit Up Bar

    Having a strong core is essential for your physical wellbeing. Our Under Door Sit Up Bars are ideal for those looking to work out in a small space. The padded grips protect your door and the support bar keeps your feet in place while you train. Learn More

  • DTX Fitness Adjustable Aerobic Yoga Stepper - 10cm/15cm

    Improve your cardio levels and get a great, fat burning workout that's easy to do in the comfort of your own home. It's easy to store, plus the DTX Adjustable Aerobic Stepper has two different height levels so you can vary the intensity. Learn More

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